Emulating a classic console can be as simple as a pie, in a technical sense. However, there are certain logistical obstacles in which he chooses a good program, installs the appropriate ROM into a specific folder, and defines all graphics and compatibility features. Happy Chick is a big hit off the cool circuit, providing a complete set of emulators and a huge list of games for multiple consoles on your own server to download locally if needed.

Here we need to highlight the illegal nature of this tool, but when it comes to providing this service, it works with certain holes in reg. By default, the application does not contain games, only the emulator bundle and its internal operations are hidden. And obviously the emulator itself is not illegal. For games, they are sent by the user of the application itself. Players can create new entries by uploading a ROM with screenshots and additional information. I’m clearly considering a kind of peer-to-peer platform. In fact, Happy Chick developers can wash themselves illegally because they do not share copyrighted content.

Just a tip before you start using it. The application may have been written in Chinese when you first installed it. To change the language, select Administration> Settings> Language from the bottom bar and select the desired language. From there, you can change the path of the file where you put the downloaded game, if necessary.

The list of emulators is not comprehensive. Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Playstation, PSP, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, NES, Wonderswan Colors and Game Boy Colors . For arcade machines, some variants of MAME are included.

Happy chick displays a fairly complex home page with some banners and options in a random language, so it can be a bit confusing when you first look at it. Enter the Category section and find a list of known emulators along with the number of games available for download for that console. After navigating to the emulator and selected game page, just touch [Get] to download it locally. (You can also upload your own file if the file is not working or if you share a different version.)

When you start the game, the emulator starts and you can play without any type of restriction. Tap the Home button to go to a submenu, from which you can return to the main menu, save the game, and make general or specific settings on the emulated machine.

To access the list of local games, go to the PLAY tab in the lower menu. In addition, the Fight submenu has a list of titles with people playing online, along with the number of players connected. When you click on the title, you will be taken to the lobby where you can organize with other participants through the chat and create open games.

In support of all these chops, it should be mentioned that Happy Chick is the most complete emulator package currently found (though it nods to the faithful OldArch retro) your device without the hassle And manage your library.

Some screenshot:-


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